Crusadist Full Length Album "The Unholy Grail" in 6 panel digipaks


Includes digital order of The Unholy Grail

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The Unholy Grail


 Black t-shirt with oversized full color print on front 


Ruthless Destroyer


Front and Back Print on Black Tees 



The Hammer At Dawn

Battalions of madmen storm the tyrants castle, in attempts to eradicate the bloodline of the false king. Fearless warriors fought throughout the night and claimed their victory by severing the head of he who wears the crooked crown.

Smashing the fortress to rubble and ash, wounded champions emerge to find yet another battle awaiting them...

This bag contains a light-bodied Colombian coffee with notes of caramel and walnuts.

Available Online and On Tour!

We are very excited to announce we have collaborated with Stronk Coffee Co. for our very own coffee, “The Hammer at Dawn”! A smooth Colombian medium roast to power your inner warrior! 

Find it on our merch tables on tour or  order a bag and mug exclusively at!